Crap I want

Call me crazy.

You can that's fine, I might agree with you!

I go through these phases where I want something really really bad, but I don't need it at all.

I mean I guess it's normal.

Although it makes me feel super "wordly".

I pretty much rotate through these few things.

1. Hair Extensions.


This is why hair grows, and this is why we don't cut it.

Plus it's an arm and a leg!

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag.

I am still in the "I want this suuuuuper bad" phase.

All the handy pockets, the optional backpack straps.

Freaking adorable.

I have a diaper bag, I don't "need" this one.

But I found them used online for more affordable....

3. Iphone 4 8G


I have internet at home.

I have an ipod touch.

I don't know why I want one of these so bad.

Especially when data plans are $30 plus a month!

I need my rape whistle!

What do you "want" that you don't "need"??


Brynne said...

yep. More jeans (like I need that), built-in shelving in the living room....and a puppy! I really, really don't need that. ;)

Brittaney said...

Where did you find the diaper bags used online? I really really really want one too but they are just so spendy! Maybe I can convince myself and the hubs to buy one if they cost less. Hook me up!

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