Key to Survival

It's been one of my other goals to try and get "dressed" more.
I love my sweat pants but sometimes I get down when I look in the mirror. SICKNASTY!

This is hard too when I am trying to work out 5 days a week.

I work out at night. Go to bed with wet hair.
Wake and try to make something of the wild beast on my head.
Lots of deodorant, body splash, etc.

Some nights after working out I don't shower, just let the nasty sweat dry and baby wipe myself down.

Then THAT next morning smother my hair in dry shampoo.

Seems to be working cause I keep working out, and I am getting dressed once in a while...


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i have NEVER heard of dry shampoo!!! what the heck? how does that work? i would think it would make you look like a big grease ball, no? sounds amazing! ahhh, i would never have to shower again .... if someone would just invent dry soap :) :) :)

Laura said...

I love dry shampoo, I really liked it when I was blonde because it also helps hide roots, though now with brown hair if I get a lil too spray crazy in one spot it kinda makes me look like I am going grey, so beware of that one! It doesnt give me enough volum so still isn't as good as a shower but def has saved me more times then I can count!

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