I got nothing

I don't have anything funny or inspirational to blog about.
I even looked through my camera to see if there were any good pics to blog about.
I took at shower this afternoon, did my little bit of make up (to keep my husband from leaving me) and then laid in bed for a snooze while Cody watched Mickey Mouse.

And I decided once in for all that the #1 reason I normally keep my hair shorter is cause I can't stand having my hair wet. I also can't stand to blow dry it.

So there you go.

Once it's dry, whipping up some waves or back combing it are nothing to me, but to have to blow dry it. It's like torture. Can't stand it.

And all the while I shiver til it air dries, at least in the winter.

So. That's all I have to say about that.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your lucky that you look so cute with short hair!! i feel the same way about blow drying!

Laura said...

totally in the same boat about the hair drying! I hate it! I love playing with my hair once it is dry, that is the fun part but the drying is just boring and work. It is amazing what hairstyles I have managed to work out of wet-hair-that-i-slept-on-and-kinked-up-in-anti-gravity-directions just because I didn't want to take ten minutes to blow dry it before bed!

Brynne said...

I felt like I was writing this myself. Oooof.

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