My Valentine

I won't lie to you.
I don't have the most romantic husband on earth.
And I am so glad.
We thrive more on laughing, joking, chatting, eating, and those types of things.

Watching our favorite old reruns over and over.
Recently I entered The Sweet Tooth Fairy's #1 Contest. Last night was the meet up. There were introductions, new product tasting, cake bite tasting contest, cupcake eating contest (I lost), and group pictures. It was a BLAST. I got the meet the owner and founder, Megan. She was incredibly kind and easy to talk to.

They will announce the winner in a few days. FINGERS CROSSED!

We got take home gifts..
I ate one for breakfast. HMMM! So stankin yummy.



Amanda Nicole said...

Joking, laughing, pigging out and watching re-runs is by far the most romantic thing! Enjoying each others company doesn't need to be shown with over the top stuff. My boyfriend and I would rather watch hockey and eat until were in food comas than to go on some fancy date.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! <3

Abbie said...

You are so cute! I wish I would have chatted and gotten to know you better last night! You are a fun one!

Ashlee said...

We do the same thing!! We live for the laughs, re-runs, and little moments where we can just LOVE each other and not be romantic. :)

Happy Valentines Day to you and your main Man. <3

Laura said...

Its those moments, the day to day ones that matter and mean the most! laughing is wayyyy better then romantic any day! And FYI those cupcakes look insane! choco dipped strawberry on top!? are you kidding me! amazing!

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