But I do babysit about twice and week, and last week was 5 days straight of babysitting.
So I was a bit surprised while I was doing dishes this morning to hear Cody say...

C-"Mom! I want another baby."
M-"You want Mommy to have another baby?"
M-"Well do you want a baby Trey, or a baby Clara (baby I watch)?"
C- "Clara, I want a sister"
M- "Cody if we had a baby, she wouldn't go home at the end of the day, we'd have to keep her forever"

After I said that he seemed less interested.

I had a hard time going from one to two kids, so the thought of a third kinda makes me shudder still. Although, when I smell baby Clara or Avery.... I kinda ache for another, but then I remember how sucky nursing was with Trey. So then I see cute baby crap on Pinterest and then realize I sleep through the night now.

I am not ready but when I am I will let you know :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i was soooo hoping this was an announcement!!! but the fact that you are even thinking about it means it MUST be close :)

Laura said...

You crack me up Suz!
All legit points made above ;)

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