Spring Break 2012 {Oregon Coast}

We spent a week or so in Newport, Oregon for Spring Break. We drove up to Boise, picked up Kevin's parents, then drove altogether. We camped because it's cheaper :). Saw all the sights, ate great food. Enjoyed time together. Kevin and I even celebrated our 6 year anniversary (mac an cheese under a tarp, then a freeze your bawls off walk on the beach). It was a lot of fun.
Here is the massive picture overload...

First off let me just say that we made it through this entire trip without a single person getting grumpy....

Not 1 tantrum occured.

Not even any crying...

the view of our boys beds in the tent.
This was 1/4 mile from where we camped.
They boys first time seeing the ocean!
Cody really wasn't a fan at all, the waves freaked him out.
Sea Lions! We kept barking at them, so Trey called them "AR AR's!"
View of the bridge.
The first morning our camp stove broke, so we went out for breakfast :)
One of the nicer weather days.
By Devil's Punch Bowl.
Devil's Punch Bowl, when the tide is low you can go down into it. BUT when you Travel with young kiddos you cannnnnot do it all. Trust me.
When the evening rolled in we let the boys cuddle in pj's and watch a movie in the tent.
Seal Rock.
Look under the rock in this pic, there are like 25 star fish!
Cody didn't care for star fish, he liked the random tire better.
My boys and I.
This was a BEAUTIFUL day.
We had a pit stop for cadbury eggs and cheeto's. A few minutes later Cody said "Look MOM!"
I found him stuffing cheeto's up his nose....whatever made him happy.
We visited the sea lions again.
Cody and Trey LOVE pinwheels, so we bought them fancy ones.
This crowd was so impressed with Cody's pinwheel, you can't see it, but it was going about 100 miles an hour, and they were cheering for him.
Our "kitchen" while we camped.
Free Museum.
Touching Star Fishes.

Trey came to love Grandma, at least enough to let her hold him, which is a lot for Trey.
Nap's in the tent.
Beautiful Hike down to the water.
Loved this.
More hiking views.
They boys were funny.
Trey wouldn't be carried ANYWHERE, and Cody had to be carried EVERYWHERE.
He would say "I'm toooo heavy to walk, Carry me for 2 minutes!"
Our 1/2 mile hike was cut short by a hail and wind storm, we bolted it back to the car.
We spotted this gem on the bridge, and decided it was fate, so we took a pic by it.
Yahachts Beach! Those are 50 MPH winds and the gusts were up to 70 MPH.
A few days prior we were at this beach and I underestimated a wave and was SOAKED. Head to toe.
Trey hung out of the stairs while we crabbed.
Cody was trying to be brave. We told them Crabs say "I pinch I pinch!".
And we caught NOTHING. Just a few females. Last time we crabbed at the coast we caught TONS. What a let down.
Breakfast! Chocolate cookies.
On our way home I insisted we go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Best Ice Cream ever. Totally worth it. The boys chose Mint Chocolate chip.
I had strawberry cheesecake, and peanut butter and chocolate. YUM.
Cody decided he didn't like mint and ate most of my cone.
We drove back to Boise to drop off Kevin's parents and stopped to see my brother Kyle and his little family.
They boys love their cousins. They played with the dirt in this garden box forever!
The best group picture we could get.
It was wonderful to be together as a family for a vacation. Although 2 of the nights we almost had to ditch our tents for a hotel (70 mph winds and CONSTANT rain). By the time we packed up at went home our campground was completely flooded. It was madness.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Feel free to comment. Or not.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

that looks like SUCH a fun trip!!! and i seriously can not believe how great your hair and makeup look in all of the pictures!! you were camping and you can't even tell!!! :)

Katie R said...

you look like a little kid. it looked more like your boys had an older sister than a mom. maybe you will be one of those people that people snicker about when you're 60 because they will think your husband is married to a woman half his age. (sorry kevin, you look normal for your age)

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