Easter Days

Saturday Morning we went to the City Easter Egg hunt, but it felt like the state of Utah came with us. There were kids EVERYWHERE (and a lot of greedy parents), but they boys got about 2 eggs each. Then afterwards sat in a fire truck, went down a few bounce castle slides, rode the four wheeler "train".

We came home for naps, and Kevin and I started on some yard work, it is spring after all.

Sunday morning we woke up a little late, I threw together the boys baskets and handed them out. They were excited for gifts. I tried to keep it to the "needs", instead of just toys. They needed sidewalk chalk and bubble bath, things like that.

After church we came home for lunch and a little Easter Egg Hunt. They loved doing it. I filled their eggs with Starburst Jelly Beans and they don't like them! So that was a waste :) Then later in the afternoon we headed to Kevin's brothers house for dinner. Ham and the works. It was delish.

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