Something I call running

I went on my first run in nearly 3 years this morning and here are a few of the thoughts that passed through my brain.

  • I spit a lot when I run, seriously, I bet I lose weight in saliva.
  • at one point I wondered if my legs were made of sand bags
  • my elbow pits sweat more than my arm pits, or so it felt.
  • I was proud of myself for getting back on the horse
  • After I was finished running, I still have time to shower and relax before my kiddos wake. SCORE.
  • I tripped on the same lip in the sidewalk 3 seperate times.
  • wondered if people thought I was dying, not trying to work out
  • Started off a strong jog, ended a light scoot.  I have to start somewhere.
  • My pandora was being stupid and playing crap songs.
All in all I was proud I went and am trying to take care of my body.


Kellie said...

Music is nice, but the only thing that gets me through a run is an audio book! Try it!


Laura said...

Try Pandora Dance Pop station, all of the songs have a fast beat because of being dance music, I cant stand getting stuck with a slow song on a run totally slows me down, not to mention my phone takes about 2 mins to get another pandora song if I skip one (so i usually suffer through a bad song so I at least have something haha) but with dance pop I have been lucky for over 2 months with the songs so I am impressed with it

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