Road Trips Spring 2012

Needless to say, we are very sick of being in the car.
First we went to the Oregon Coast for 9 days total.

2 weekends later we went to Boise for Kevin's Mom's 60th Birthday party.
It was a surprise and fun to plan.
 We even performed brain surgery while there.  Ha.  Just kidding.  But we got a picture of all the grandkids BEFORE church.  So pretty much as hard as brain surgery.  Trey was the most difficult by far.  Please note his face.
 The following weekend my older brother Danny got married in Pocatello.
So we made the short 2.5 hour drive up to Idaho for this blessed event. 
Our WHOLE family was together for this.  It was nice to see everyone and get to catch up a little.
Also nice to add another SIL to the family.  She and Danny are matching red heads. 
 Last weekend we spent just relaxing.  We managed to get some yard work done, and some spring cleaning  that's needed done since we moved in last spring.  

I sweet talked the boys into walking with my to the store to buy stuff for ice cream cones.

 Now we can have them as often as we want for much cheaper than Mcdonalds.
Speaking of spring cleaning since we moved in.  We celebrated our 1 year house Anniversary.
We did nothing exciting except to remind each other that's it's been a whole year and this time we don't have to move!  It's so heavenly to not have to be packing up EVERYTHING we own to move it again.
I love to small improvements we've made on our home so far.  And I can't wait to make more memories here.

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