Of hair and who cares!

No one could care less about my hair lately than me.
I wash it, air dry it, and then wait three days and repeat.
Once in a while I pull it back in a pony tail and that is all.

I have not paid to have it done since Trey was born....over 19 months ago...

But I've been thinking about splurging and having these poor neglected locks done.

I've been thinking about the "ombre" hair.
You know, the one with the roots to your ears?

I thought about blond again, but really do enjoy being dark.
So I am torn.
I've also seen many pictures lately where my 5 head is pretty obvious.
Yet I don't really want bangs either.
So any suggestions would be awesome.
Or don't.
Cause I know you can't possibly care.

Let me know.


Laura said...

I like the dark hair, I like the red tone you put into it recently a lot. I never ever notice your forehead, you are just being self conscious, but I feel ya on the bangs being annoying, I love them, when they are done and hate them when swimming, exercising, just out of the shower, when it rains or in the wind.. leaves a lot for having them not work out haha! you can always do the "fake bangs" where you pin them in such a way it covers your forehead but they arent real.

Brynne said...

I like the dark, too! You could just re-vamp it (more rich). other than that, I love the ombre look. :) Good luck! You look good with anything.

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