Boys and Balls

It's funny how when I went to post about this I was thinking how cute and very sweet my boys are.
Then as the pictures were uploading I was ready to throw them out the door!
They keep me on my toes for sure.
Once in a while we let the boys watch a movie in our bed and fall asleep that way.
And they actually are both asleep before the movie is over.

They are precious.
Here they are on the counter playing apps on my phone.

 And watching tv together.
Sadly our car is having some issues so we've been without a car for over a week.  We got rides to t ball from our friends that have extra car seats and and extra car.  So we seperated the boys going to the game.  Trey cried "CODY...ahhhh...CODY! ....ahhh..CODY!" they whole way there.  They love each other.

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