That time I got a hand holder

My children are very close to each other.
Although they have verrrry different personalities.
Cody is very "Kevin". I imagine he'll be an engineer of some form.
He HAS to know how things works, loves levers, buttons, batteries. 
He could seriously mow our lawn on his own, drive a car, anything with machinery.

Trey on the other hand is much more "me".
He's a little more emotional, both good and bad.
He loves to sing and dance and color.
He plays t ball with Cody every game, although he's not on the team.
Along with that he is what I call a "hand holder".

Cody would rather be dead literally, than hold my hand.
Not to cross the street, not help up the stairs, nothing.
He's also BOLTED in front of 3 or so cars, leaving me screaming for his life.
A few too many close calls.
(We sat down and had a serious chat about how he would DIE and never ever get to see Mommy and Daddy again if he got hit)
And ever since he's very very cautious.  

Trey loves holding hands.  Wherever we are walking he likes to have a finger.
It melts my heart. 
I just love it, and Cody still looks out for Trey when we cross the street.
(very very bossy)

This is a rare picture and moment where Cody was holding Kevin's hand (not mine, ever).
And then realized cousins were up ahead and bolted.  
I love how different they are.

In my opinion Cody looks more like me, acts like Kevin.
And Trey looks like Kevin but acts like me.
What a mix!

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