Landscaping and Family

Kevin's parents came to visit this last weekend.
They are hard core about their garden and their lawn, so they decided to come help us with ours.
I've been wanting a decent size garden box for a while now, but now that I've got Kevin talked into it, it's too late to plant!  Next year.... I'll get it next year.

They also came down because it was Cody's last t ball game.
They were fun all season, but I am pretty glad they are over.
It's like herding cats!

This is our front before we starting doing anything to it..
 We had done the right side a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to finishing on the left side.  They bought us new plants as well, a hanging plant, and put in a drip system so we don't even have to worry about watering them.  Fabulous!

While we had an extra hand I asked them to snap a few family pictures. 
 We rarely have pictures taken of all of us in our church clothes.
 And the kids were being pretty HAM ish.  
Also Cody said the opening prayer in Primary yesterday.
The first time he tried (a few months ago) he threw a tantrum and just went limp so I ended up saying it.
This time he climbed up and grab both sides of the podium.  He whispered SO soft that what I was whispering to him was louder than he was.  But he was moving his mouth and trying.  Then he said amen and hopped down.  I was beaming with pride.  The president claimed it was a SUPER reverant prayer.  HA.  

 I don't know if I mentioned this a few months back as well but I was called to be the relief society secretary.  That was in January.  I stumbled a lot a first and was quite forgetful but very much found joy in the calling, and felt closer to heavenly father.  I learned a lot about how much the presidency actually does for the sisters in RS.  And how much they really do care.  Sadly though I was released a week ago.  The bishop said that primary asked for me, so I am now teaching the 8 year olds.  My last calling before that was in nursery where I served for 5 months.  Then 5 months in the RS presidency.  I told the bishop I'd gladly serve in Primary but just so he knew I'd be back in 5 months for my new calling :)  
 Also my little brother Kelly has been living with us for the summer.  He's transferring to BYU-Idaho and is helping keep my company.  He's getting a job down here, and enjoying his time with my little family.  It's always fun to have a sibling around.  
(This was our cheesy engagement shot, with Cody in the backround.  HA!)

We've just been trying to keep busy this spring and I want to keep as busy as possible this summer keeping cooled off and enjoying my little boys.  Summer heat makes me miserable.  I swear.  

Happy Spring and Summer!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love your house! it is so beautiful!!! and the garden boxes look amazing! do you have a humungo lot? it looks like your yard is HUGE!

and i agree, BOO for summer heat! i HATE it. ick!!

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