She strikes again!

My friend Chelsea Petersen, graciously took my boys pictures for me.
I have a hard time paying for their pictures to be done at JCPenny or any place like that, because I grew up with a photographer as a Father!  I've don't pay for stuff like that!  I've never had to.
Between myself and photographer friends I'd rather do it that way.
(Not that there is anything wrong with JCPENNY pictures!!)

He was in no mood to have pictures taken that day.  Not in a bad mood you see, just didn't want to smile for the camera.  That's crazy talk!  But she managed to get a few.
 Despite this silly shot Trey was being quite the ham.  If we were trying to get pictures of Cody only, he would creep in saying "teeeeeeese!".  Stinker.  I bought the boys a fedora specifically for pictures (because they straight up REFUSE to wear it otherwise) hoping they would have it in a few shots..
And as you can see.  It was never worn.
 Chelsea took a few of myself while we were at it.  It's just lucky I bothered getting dressed :)
I couldn't stop laughing when I had to do serious/sexy face.  Awkward....
 I have a question for you......

Who looks like who?
( Dang this kid.  Lady killer!)
Who looks like who?
I get mixed opinions ALL THE TIME on which boy looks like which parent.  
Cody looks like me? Or Kevin?
And Trey?  Looks like Kevin or me?

I was just curious.  Let me know.


Laura said...

I think Cody looks like you and your family sooo much like mini me status, and Trey looks more like Kevin, though I think Trey still looks like you a lot, his head shape is more like his daddys.

Vanessa Goertzen said...

I think Cody looks more like Kevin and Trey more like you. However, both boys are a good mix of both of you. Such cuties!

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