Letters To Random

Dear Trey, 
In the words of Lmfao 
You ARE sexy and you know it.
 Dear OPI,
Thank you kindly for naming this grey polish "Suzi take the wheel".  Super flattered.
I should probably apply a fresh coat.
 Dear Fresh Produce,
Man oh man I love you.  I've probably spent our life savings on fresh fruit in the month of June.
DELISH.  Well done.  Well done.
Dear Summertime,
It's hot out.  ICK.  I can handle that during the day, but you should cool off at night.  Just a thought, I don't want to tell you what to do or whatever.  Give it some thought...
 Dear Self,
WAY TO GO!  Your runs seem to be going better and better, although pretty sure you've hurt your hip and knee on the same side.  It's hard to say, I mean it wakes you in the night...so.  Think about getting that fixed before you do permanent damage...k thanks
 Dear Sagey Girl,
Sorry about all the abuse.  The boys mean well, that's just how they show their "affection".  You are a funny dog and I love you.

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

there is nothing better than fresh fruit for a delish snack in the summa time!

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