Best Brothers

To say that Cody and Trey are best friends is an understatement.
I mean they fight a lot, but they cannot be without each other.

Here are a few small examples...
Morning Jammies
 Monday Night Brownies
 Playing at the park
 Eating Dinner
 Shopping for paint
 Dr's appointments
 Easter Treats
 Ice cream at mcdonalds
 Going for walks
 Watching TV on Mom's bed
 Sneaking food from the pantry....
 Racing cars down the "track" aka cvc pipe
 Petting neighbor dog
One night Kevin went to a hobby shop and took Trey with him.  So I took Cody to get ice cream with me.  We came home and I gave him a bath and told him it was bed time...he got sad and said "Where Trey??  I need my Trey!".  So we HAD to call and talk to Trey just to make sure he was okay.

Having them less than 2 years apart drove me CRAZY literally.  But now that they are getting older and every day seems to be easier, I wouldn't change it for anything.  They are best buddies.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

that's so sweet! i hope the same for my two! jax is SO so SO sweet to layla! he is constantly kissing her and playing with her! it's fun to watch your kids build a strong relationship with one another. super rewarding!

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