Dear Code

Oh Son.  We butt heads a lot.  It can be so frustrating, but I want you to know that no matter what I love you more than anything.  I feel like we have bad days with good moments.
 That's not true, sometimes its the opposite.  Great days with frustrating moments.
I feel like as far as looks you favor me and my side, but personality is so different from mine.
 Or are we the same?  Is that why we butt heads?  I always want to have an amazingly close relationship to you.  I want you to never be afraid to tell me things, and that I won't be understanding.  Even when you sneak candies and eat them in the closet....Son, just tell me!  
 You love your Daddy more than words can express.  He might as well come in on a white horse everyday.
He's your hero and your example.  Your best buddy.  Just don't forget about me over here.
I know my daily care isn't as exciting as being able to mow to lawn with Daddy or take a quick trip to home depot.  But I am here for you.
When Daddy allows me to run an errand "kid free" you scream in the driveway when I leave, and always squeal "MOMMY!" when I return, so it's not like you don't love me.  You just like to show it in other ways :)  I don't know why I felt the need to write you this letter.  

Sometimes I cry out of frustration, and other times when I look at you my heart so full I feel like it could burst any moment with gladness that I have you.  You are my little buddy.  They days go by and I love you more and more.  And luckily life with you has only gotten easier and more enjoyable.  Thanks for helping with Tree.  Thank you for throwing a tantrum with me the other night, it convinced Daddy to get us a pizza :) We do make a great team.

Just don't forget how much I love you,

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