T ball

Cody had his first season of T ball.
I didn't even know they did it this young!
But we thought he'd probably love it, so why not?
 The first few practices were a total bust.  He refused to even move.
Then a few later, he started loving it.  
Don't get me wrong, half the time it was still a fight.  But we made it through the season.
 Kevin volunteered to be an assistant coach, and enjoyed that.  
If he was stuck at work, I filled in for him, and loved that too.

 Trey on the other hand, thought he was on the team.  Really, he played better than Cody.
Cody demanded Trey stand with him in the field, and Trey loved it.
 As you see here, he warmed up and practiced with the team.
 Cody also made a new buddy.  Named Kaleb.  The coaches son, who I also made friends with his Mom.
And they live right around the corner!
Til next season....

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