Happy Birthday America

We celebrated the 4th of July over two days.
July 3d our neighbors (who happen to be fire work wholesaler's) had their giant firework show for the whole neighborhood.  If we ever sell this house, I am listing that as  a perk.  
It was just our little family.
Kevin had a steak, I had a jalepeno italian sausage.
The boys went with hot dogs.
I get to have a mexican coke once a year...
 The following night we headed to Kyle and Kourtney's for our annual eat BBQ and watch Thanksgiving point fireworks.  Food and friends?  Does it get better?
 I am fairly certain we went through 10 boxes of sparklers with the boys, and they wanted more.
 We were also very very tired at this point in the evening.  I guess that's what happens when you stay up late, get up early, and no longer nap.  He was breaking my heart.
 Earlier in the day we headed to a couple local parks.  They had sand diggers!  Cody is ready to move into this park.
 Whenever something is high up Cody says "It's way up in the high hoop!", we aren't sure why, but we find it to be adorable.  So that's what he was saying about the fireworks.
 And our dog didn't mind the fireworks so much, but is terrified of Kevin's RC race car. 

 And we find that to be hilarious.  
Happy Birthday America!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

yay!! looks like you had an awesome holiday!!!

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