Vowing & Sprinting

It was Friday night, and the kids were in bed, so as any good wife would, I forced my husband to watch a chick flick he would never in his life willingly watch.
I chose "The Vow"
I've been on a stupid Channing Tatum kick lately.
Which is funny because I've never even found him that attractive before.
But lately.....

This fella found it to be a sad sad movie.
I agreed.
He said it didn't turn out like he expected it to, but none the less found it lame.
No surprise there.  And as if I cared.
 In case you haven't seen it, Page and Leo get in a car accident and she suffers head trauma which forces her to lose her memory.  The doctors think with time she could re gain it, but she can only remember from a certain point and on.  (It's a little bit 50 first dates ish, but more drama and less humor, and it's not a daily thing she forgets).  She cannot remember Leo and is having a hard time being convinced that she was in love with him, and he spends the entire moving pouring his heart out trying to help her remember and she's kinda a beotch about it in my opinon.

Anywho, I asked Kevin, if I had lost my memory, what he would do to help me?

He said 
"I'd run for it!  Grab Cody and run!"

He was kidding, I think.  But that's why I love him, he always makes me laugh.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ha! kevin's answer sounds like a typical shawn answer!!! too funny! now my interest is peaked, i'm going to ask shawn that very question tonight :)

Laura said...

What about Trey!!!???

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