That's it!

I can't do it.
I cannot seem to keep up around this house.
It's always a little bit messy.  The kitchen is the worst.
Like I'd rather do a load of laundry than dishes.

I thought to myself yesterday "I'd rather someone see me naked, then see my car as filthy as it is".  
How sad it that?

I woke this morning and made breakfast from scratch (coco puffs).
Vacuumed the whole house (Stairs and all, which require picking up all toys).
Went visiting teaching.
Came home and mowed the lawn.

I am spent!
And it's still a dump!

I bought myself a little block with a saying on it that said
"This house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!"

But now I want to make on for my front door that says 
"Sorry about the mess, but we live here."

Happy Tuesday.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

OK, you KNOW what a clean freak i am. it's one of things i obsess about most! but i am telling you, it is entirely impossible to keep up on house cleaning with two kids. you are SO not alone on this one!! and anyone who says that they can enjoy a clean house with two little kids running around is LYING. through their teeth! the only time my house is truly clean is nap time or bed time. seriously! and i like your sign idea! make me one too! :-)

Teresa Farmer said...

I feel ya! It sucks!

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