Where have I heard that before....?

If I had a dollar for ever time I've showed a friend or random stranger one of my home/hand made goods then heard the phrase "You should sell this stuff! You could make so much money!", I could take us all out to Taco Bell.  Well, I'd eat there anytime, so you should consider it.

When gifting my items, I get a tremendous amount of positive feedback.  But it doesn't always sell.  And I don't mean never because that would be a lie.  I used to have an Etsy shop I tried to stock with goods and good pictures I bothered to take of said items.

Then I had my Mommy melt down and lost all motivation.  Although last winter around Christmas time I had an EXTREME amount of success selling my beanies on Facebook.  I was literally up until 2:00-5:00 a.m. some nights, finishing up beanies, packaging, and even running to the post office at said time (They have the self ship kiosk).  

I would get messages from my friends friends who I didn't even know wanting beanies.  
I loved it!
I was successful.

I want it again.  
I am considering re-opening my Etsy shop, and filling it with adorable, handmade, and most of all AFFORDABLE goods.  I can't stand when I earrings on there for $15!  WHAT?!  Does it come with a happy ending?  And a cake?  Why would it cost so much?  

Anywho.  I am really just thinking aloud here.  So if you have any advice or you are super pumped let me know.  I am also considering doing giveaways again.  Would you like that?  Free crap?  I like free.  It's my favorite.  

Have a good weekend.  Leave a comment, or never come back again.  
Just kidding.
Or not.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i still love my cute headbands that you made for me!!! do it! you have cute stuff!!!

Teresa Farmer said...

I am super pumped! I love your stuff! You are very talented!

Kaylene said...

Do it!

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