I am constantly torn between having a clean house, happy kids and wanting to look good.

I'll have days where I think "who cares what I look like!? As long as my kids are happy, and shit is taken care of then right now that shouldn't matter!".  Then I'll have days where I look in the mirror and wonder where I went!  I feel like on the days I "try" to look nice, I apply a small amount of make up (because it's not like I am going to prom for pete's sake).  Then when I look at my closet and try to pick out an outfit and I'll think about what my tasks are that day?  Vacuum, dishes, cooking, playing with the boys and dog, maybe running to the store?  Then I will tend to pick something like cargo shorts and a t shirt that doesn't show cleavage.  The moment I walk in the door from running out somewhere my basketball shorts replace the cargo shorts, and my hair goes into a pony tail.

I have a few friends that are Mom's just like me that look nice ALL THE TIME.  And it's not like when they post pictures online they look nice, it's more like I see them on a daily basis they look nice.  What happened to my motivation?  Did being busy with tantrums and bubbles take it all?  I try to exercise daily, and clean the house daily, and fit in an etsy shop order daily, plus laundry and meals, dishes.  I feel like how could I care right now!?  I've got enough going on.  Nothing like putting on my high heels to go pick up the dog shizzle piles in my backyard.  

I know that this won't last forever, but I wonder if my laziness will!  
And I know I am not the only one.  
Speak up so I know.

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The Carpenters said...

I now have 4 kids and I struggle with the same thing. I struggled with three kids. It seemed like it took a lot of effort that within an hour it will be spilled on or spit up on and seemed not worth it.

The Shavers said...

I think my biggest motivation for not wanting to get ready is comfort. I have so much to do during the day, and there is no way that I am going to do it in Jeans! I think that as long as you are happy then who cares!

Kaylynn said...

You do so much in a day! I am learning to clean only 2 or 3 times a week! I don't think you are lazy...just practical! Do you other girlfriends make stuff everyday? Have a dog? Two super cute, energetic boys? Cook and do all you do? Even if they do, I think you aRe pretty amazing! I still have to consciously stop myself from comparing myself to you or being totally jealous of you! Love ya sis!

Caley and Logan said...

I love this :) I feel so much better! I've only one toddling tornado... And if I do my hair for the day it's a big deal! My sisters have helped with a few helpful tips. One of my favorites is stocking up on the cheapest paper plate. Some days the thought of doing MORE dishes makes me want to gag. And she is always getting out of the house. They can't destroy the house when they aren't in it hahaha. Win-win ;) parenting isn't for wussies! You do a great job!!!! I'm just glad I'm on track for being a "normal mom". Freak, my stretchy pants keep me sane! Jeans are a joke. Period.

Amanda said...

Get a cute pair of knee length or even just below the knee work out pants. Something that is comfortable but still makes you feel sexy. I try to get dressed and put on new make-up everyday just because it makes me feel good. I only clean like twice a week. (if that) I do the dishes obviously 3 times a day and try to straighten up at night but I don't spend more than a half our or so a day "cleaning." If I have a day that I know I am not going anywhere and its a cleaning day then I get dressed when I am done cleaning but dont' put nearly as much effort into how I look that day. OR, get dressed and ready for the day (which doesn't have to include heels) and play with your kids all day and then when they go to bed, chang your clothes wash your face put your hair back and clean for a couple hours. I do that most often.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

man, you've been doing a lot of deep posts lately! i love it!!! makes us all know we are not alone! :-) yay!

i do my hair and makeup everyday because i'm cranky if i dont! but seriously fast and easy!!! i found a straightner that you can use when your hair is WET! it's wonderful! i love it! i can shower, do my hair, and do my makeup all in about 40 minutes.... which is completely realistic (i think) and totally doable with two kids.

another thing that really helps me stay on-top of house work during the day is having jax pull his weight (as much as a two year old can!). he cleans up his own toys, puts his shoes in our entry way shoe closet, and helps me put the laundry away. they are just little things! but they help me out a lot! especially putting the toys away.

OH, and one more thing, i allow myself to take a cat nap everyother day. otherwise, i just can't juggle everything and it all falls apart.

just kidding, this is the last thing - every night (EVERY night), no matter how tired we are, we take 10 minutes and straighten the house up. so when i wake up in the morning to do it all over again, at least i have a fresh start on destroying the house :-)

i don't know if any of that will help?? but just know, none of us are mary poppins! i think we all struggle through the day and then can feel a little bit of peace once our kids are finally in bed for the night. hang in there!

read this article, it echos my sentiments about parenting exactly!!


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