Boise Trip

Last weekend we had the chance to go home to Boise for a visit.
Of coarse the Broncos were playing BYU while we were there, so we couldn't miss watching BYU lose.

On our way we stopped for some dinner, and Trey got Waldo glasses with his meal...
 Cody's dreams came true, he got to 'ride a tractor' with Grandpa Rich.
 I didn't get to go to the game ( I was being too cheap to pay for a ticket), so I dropped Kevin off and watched it at a friends house.  Driving around the stadium with ALL the fans and such, it really made me home sick.  Not going to lie.
 The next day we hit up downtown.  I worked there for a couple years, so it was fun to see everything.
 And of coarse we stopped at Andy's Deli for ice cream.  Cody chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with sprinkles.  It was delish, as you can see.
 My old stomping grounds.  I worked at a man spa/barber shop.  I miss it.
 The capitol.  Finally finished now that we've moved away.
 Trey having a late night snack on the counter.  This is his favorite place to eat, and to me, as long as he's eating something I don't really care where it is.
 My famous carrot cake, with fresh garden carrots.  Hmmm..
 We also hit up the Discovery Center.
I have never been, but it's the perfect place to take busy toddlers.
All the things they can play with, and no one cares!  It's mean to be touched.
 Cody and I played a lot at the giant bubble station.  Kevin is going to make us one of these for our yard next summer.  Seriously.
 Trey liked the traffic lights, and the leggo walls.  
 Afterwards we headed to the park for lunch, and to feed the geese.  This does not do it justice there were TONS of geese, and they are NOT shy.  They came right up and if you weren't quick, ate the bread out of your hands. Cody of coarse didn't like that and kept hitting them....that boy...
 Prettiest view, this is just a pond by the park, near the stadium.  
 We got to see our old friends Jake and Melissa.  We were all friends before we got old and married.
Kevin's parents were nice enough to babysit so we could hit up our old super white trash diner, Merrits!  
Nothing has changed, and that I love.
 We had to see Aunt Theresa while there too, and hit up our old favorite Cafe Ole.  
I am sorry but there is NO good mexican food in Utah.  Red Iguana sucks.  Hmm k.
 On our way home we stopped in Twin Falls to visit Kevin's brother family.  Their 11 year old has finally outgrown me.  And his shoes were bigger than mine.  Crazy.
 Annnd how we slept all week long.  This sounds funny but Kevin and I can't really sleep in a queen size bed together.  I know I know.  We have a king so we are used to our cuddling, or needing space option.  Queens give you NO space to spread out, and for us, it's just miserable.  As in we could share a twin easier than we could share a queen.  Plus I don't care to fight the boys on a road trip, so we just all bunk on the floor together.  It's easier in my opinion, plus I enjoy the cuddles.
It was a fabulous trip.  Made me as home sick as ever.  Seriously.  But I am happy where we are, and that Kevin has a great job here, so I can't complain.  I love our house and ward.  But I would be lying if I didn't secretly wish we could go back.

That's all she wrote.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i am so so so so SO sad that we didn't get to see you :( boo!!! next time for sure!


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