Cody 4th Birthday DAY


Cody's birthday was on a Monday, so we decided to have his Party the Saturday before.
Sunday was chill, then Monday we celebrated as our little family.
For some reason Cody LOVES pumpkins.
He knows that when the pumpkins come out, it's close to his birthday.  Cody also loves tractors.
So naturally what did we do?  We went to a pumpkin patch.
First we went out to pizza, they had a killer Monday special.
Kids ate free, then a large pizza, cheesy bread, and a huge Salad for $20.
It was a ton of food and leftovers :)
Then off we went to the pumpkin patch.

Neither boys had much interest in the animals you could pet.  
They raced over to the apple launching station.
$1, for 3 apples.  They kept calling it angry birds.  Loved it.
 They loved the hay, and the pumpkins their own size.
 Trey is too big for a stroller, and has been for a long time.  Meaning, both boys REFUSE strollers.  They give it up about 18 months, we have to get creative in carrying them around, or keeping they "on track".
 Corn Maze.  
 I told Cody to pick Momma out a white pumpkin.
 Hay ride.
 My birthday boy :)
Before we went to pizza, he opened our gifts to him.
Our friendly graciously donated a race track and a few shake and go cars.
So we bought him 3 more.  
 They played with this for a few days before they started to ignore it.
Seriously, why do I even bother buying toys!?
 While in Boise (September) Cody found the gift that Grandma Donette had for Cody.  It was a game called Buckaroo.  She wrapped it for him and told him he couldn't open it til his birthday (3 weeks later).
He slept with that present every night, and didn't even open it!  I took it away at one point because the wrapping paper was starting to wear away. 
The night he opened it, he played a few rounds, then put all the pieces back and took it to bed with him :)
 We love you birthday boy!

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