Fancy Feast

Kevin's work gave him a gift card to Market Street Grill.
I had never heard of it, and googled it.  
The gift card was for $125, so we invited our friends Kyle and Kourtney to dine with us.
Our treat.  They babysat our kids a ton before, so it's only fair :)
I kept laughing awkwardly at this place.  I wasn't sure what to do with myself, I kept looking around at other people there that didn't have free gift cards thinking how crazy they were wasting their money.
 The lighting was terrible, but you get the idea.  I tried to get all fancy, even wore heels.  Then when Kevin came down the stairs in a nike t shirt that said "I need two pairs", he got an ear full.
 Their famous clam chowder.  It was really good.
 I ordered the salmon, because it was a daily special, came with soup, and dessert.  
 Kevin ordered something fancy? 
 I don't remeber what it was.  Some kind of steak with crab crumbles on top, he loved it.
 They had THE BEST caramel ice cream ever.  I could have had 3 more bowls and skipped soup.
To add a crab leg to your dinner was $35!!!!  I about crapped myself.  So needless to say we all got specials and ordered water, and our bill was still $130!  Wheh!  Once in a lifetime I tell ya.  It was yummy and so fun to get out with friends.  
I joked on the way home about how I would have been happy with chilis, or taco bell for petes sake.
Cheap date.

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Amanda said...

Mmmmm... we love Market Street Grill.
My parents have been going there for years and years and years back when it was just the one by University of Utah campus.

It is expensive but Chris loves seafood so we usually go for our anniversary or a special special dinner.

Our favorite thing about the whole restaurant is their house salad dressing. We just get tons of that and dip the bread into it.


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