Oh hey Avery

My friend Kourtney has been working on and off this fall, and we've got the pleasure to watch her little girl Avery.  She's 11 months younger than Trey, but sure likes to keep up with my boys.

She's good at putting up with me dressing her up, since I don't have a girl of my own.
 Pig Tails.
 TRAGEDY STRUCK.  She and Trey were playing nicely inside and it was garbage day.  I had to gather trash and run to the cans out to the street. (Kevin was out of town).  When I came back Trey had climbed on the counter and gotten a hold of a bottle of Extra Hold Spray Adhesive Glue.  He COVERED my kitchen in glue.  The whole house stunk like chemicals.  I remained calm and pull him down, just in time to turn around and see Avery.  
OH......MY......GOSH!  He sprayed her from HEAD TO TOE.  In glue.  In her hair.  Her hair.   WAS. AS. ONE. GLUE. CLUMP.  
I ran upstairs and started the bath, threw Trey in his room (didn't know what to do with him!!) and got to work on figuring this out.  Her hair was as one crunchy glued clump.  I keep thinking WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SHAVE HER HEAD.  Her mother will never speak to me again.  AHHHHH!

Then my mind went to work.  I had used this spray on a project the day before and got some glue on my foot.  So it made that sticky noise every time I took a step.  So I put a sock on, then my foot and sock glue together.  UGH.  BRAIN WORK!  Wax is super sticky.  When I wax my eye brows, I used vaseline to remove and wax residue.  Therefore OIL BREAKS DOWN WAX.
I grabbed a giant tub of vaseline and plopped in on her head.  Started working it to the scalp.  Rubbing and rubbing.  Now it  felt sticky and slimy.  EFF!  
I then remembered DING DING DING BABY OIL!  I raced down the stairs and grabbed my bottle of baby oil and dumped it on her head, rub rub rub rub rub rub rub.  It worked!  Then her hair just felt greasy.  What absorbs grease?  Powder.  I don't have any baby powder.  I have corn starch!

Dumped the entire box on her head, and gave her the worlds roughest and longest scalp massage. 
Washed hair 5 times. It was nearly hair!  It was hair, just super oily.  I blow dried it, then sprayed my dry shampoo over her head.  AHHHH.  almost normal.  At least I could comb it, and it was still there.
 She was very traumatized by the whole event as any kid would be!  She has pretty bad cradle cap before, and now it's gone!  So I told Kourtney that I didn't her a favor.  HA.  What a lie :)

Once the leaves began to fall the kids went to town!  
 Avery loved it most of all.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

so what did you end up doing with trey!!? i would have seriously died of a heart attack! it stressed me out just reading our story!! :)
how did cody not get soaked with glue too?
glad you got it all fixed :)

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