To the Cabin we will go..

November 1st we went to the cabin.
The best part about it, is, we've figured out that it's about equal distance for my parents to drive, and for us to drive there.  PERFECT.  A nice middle to meet in.
We stopped in Rexburg to pick up Kelly.
And of coarse we had to stop at the taco truck....

 While there I made my new Nephew Brody a little baby quilt.  I was loving the bold colors and patterns I chose.  It was nice to have my Mom there to help me.  I need her there at all times!  
 We bought Cody a Spider Man fishing pole to fish with Grandpa.
Sadly it was quite cheap and broke almost immediately, but he did enjoy casting with Daddy before it bit the dust.  And honestly, he was great at it!
 The fishing.  It was FREEZING, but fun to watch.  My Dad really enjoyed being able to bond with my boy. Cody was a huge fan of reeling in the fish, but wanted nothing to do with it once it was on shore...
 Obviously it was gorgeous and clear out.
 I loved having them bond like they did.  Cody called my Dad "Grandpa Norm" the whole time.  

 The boys, as usual when we go out of town, slept like crap.  And refused to go to bed every night.  MEH.
 And one of the days Trey refused to wear clothes at all...
 The view.

It was so nice to be able to spend time with family, I miss my parents.  Hopefully we can do it again soon.

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