Christmas 2012

This is our third year in a row of being home together as a family on Christmas day.
I think this will be our forever tradition.
So calm and relaxing.

When we came home from Idaho we had a porch full of Neighbor gifts and Treats.
Including the "staching through the snow".
They were a HIT with my boys.  
 Christmas eve, post baths, our boys opened the one gift they get which is always Jammies.
 I was being cheap and just bought them a set that was Cody's size. 
 It was cheaper than buying a 3T and a 5T, plus Trey will grow into it right?
 Cody playing with his fancy new Crane from "santa".
 Trey with his loot
(Buzz, dream light, crayons, spider-man slippers, cars rug, candy, sticker book)
 Cody and his loot
(Handy Crane, dream light, comfy pants, matching game, stick book, candy, tools)
 Dream lights were a huge deal.
 Buzz was a HIT.  Our old buzz was from D.I. and was missing an Arm and sound didn't work.  So to have a new buzz that lights up, talks, has all limbs, and wings!  It was a big deal.
 Cody's expressions and sayings were HILARIOUS.
"WOW....IT'S A...." for every single gift.
 Now onto Christmas dinner.  I get so tired of trying to force my kids to eat holiday dinners.
They have no interest, and fight it every time.
So we decided to go an alternative route, and did make your own pizza.

That was our boys would want to help prep the food, and eat what we make for once.
 Cody kept snacking on green peppers and olives, I was proud.
 Grandma Jan also bought the boys "SUPER HERO MUGS", which have been quite handy to have.  Almost every morning they drink their Kale Smoothies out of these things.
Kevin and I chose to skips presents and bought each other a new bed.
Well a new mattress and box spring :)
Well well well worth it to me.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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