To say that our life with our two boys is a crazy whirlwind would be an understatment.
Every time I turn around we are doing something new, getting into something, wresting, you name it!
Here are a few pics to show you what I mean.

"Raking" the leaves.  This was actually my idea :)
 Bubble baths
 Matching Red jammies
 Trey and his passing out skills.
 Target and the seat they HAVE to sit in every time.
 Cody "loving" on the cat.  Poor cat.
 Trey sleeping on the swing at the park.  Yes.  Sleeping.
 Cody playing with Kevin's RC car.
 Cody was practicing the letter "A".
 Trey enjoying one on one Mommy time, while Cody was in school.
 Trey showing off his Fancy socks (leg warmers)
 The day I survived with 3 toddlers at the grocery store.
 Boys showering with a clear curtain.  BEST IDEA EVER.  They can splash, and I can still see them.
 They boys have been very into holding hands and walking together lately.
 Cody's friend Easton's 3d birthday party.
 Shoveling the snow.  It looks like a chore, but they love love love doing it.
 Cody felt very needy the month of December.  He kept saying "Mom, I need you" which follows with Cuddles.  I was down with that!
 Trey looking nice and warm.
 My animal children eating on the counter.  I don't care where they sit, as long as they eat!

 Cody magically learned how to buckle himself in the car!  We rewarded with mcdonalds :)
 Poor guy had a 103 fever and a nasty cough.  It landed us in the insta care.  He was such a champ.
 Trey got sick shortly after.  Fevers and sickness =  family bed.
 They LOVE their car.  They drive it til the battery dies, every time.

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Amanda said...

Cody looks so old in the picture at the instacare. Where is the time going?

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