Pre-Christmas Shennagains

We had made the mistake of getting our tree November 23d, so by the time December 25th came around the poor thing was dry and dying :(
But this was the day we set it up.
I was kinda sad and the lack of ornaments I felt like we had, but I stocked up on clearance this year.
 I got the boys their own mini tree for their bedroom, which they LOVED.  
The day I took it down, I was yelled at several times.
 One Saturday we decided to ride "The Polar Express" (which we had to watch 3 times a day) aka Trax downtown to go see Santa.  Sadly there was a 90 minute wait to see him, and I wasn't that interested anyway.  SO instead we got some lunch at city creek and walked around temple square.
Then stopped at Gardener village on our way back for Cookies, and to visit the elves.
 Another Saturday we went to the home depot kids work shop and who was there??  Santa!
He gave our boys cookies and candy canes.  Cody told him about the dream light he's been wanting for MONTHS.
 We did gingerbread houses with the boys.  Trey was more interested in eating the goodies, and Cody was very into building his house.  He admired it for days.
 I decided we were doing "Elf on the shelf" this year.  But I refused to pay $30 for the stupid elf and book.  So I borrowed the book from a friend, got a barbie and made her an outfit from red felt and hot glue.  
 Sadly though my boys didn't care about the elf.
 by the third day I was done trying.
 We watched a lot of Christmas movies like so..
  Cody made a Christmas Chain at school, but refused to pose for a picture, instead he asked to take one of me holding it.  Yep.
 I made our twin neices some Tuffets for Christmas, and until we were able to deliver them, my boys thought they were theirs to keep.  I think I need to make them some of their own...

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Virgo said...

Nice photo collection ! its remember my childhood.

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