Kevin's 31st

November 27th Kevin turned 31.
I keep having to do the math in my head and double check that he IS in fact 31.
It's crazy!  When we met he was 23, and I was 18!
Even in primary he was sung too :)
 The night before his big day we got to go enjoy a jazz game in the suite his work has.
Which means free dinner and dessert, and a free game :)  And most of the time, a free parking pass.  YES!
 I love to take pictures of him and make him feel uncomfortable :)
 Behold HIS CAKE.  
Just a chocolate cake mix, and my cream cheese frosting, but they boys were in charge of colors, candles, and sprinkles...
 They chose trick candles, which were kinda fun. 
Except with the fact that I put ALL 31 on there, so we were eating wax.
 The boys helped me decorate with balloons.  I think there were 20, and I blew them all up myself within 10 minutes.  I was light headed by the time we were done.
We love you Kevin.  You work hard and deserve a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!

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