Crafts & Such

 These are just some of the creations I've been playing around with this year.
Most are pinterest ideas, but I've had fun letting my creative juices flow.

I made my friends baby a quilt, and lost a chunk of my thumb in the process.....seriously.  Luckily it was a BRAND NEW blade so it was a quick clean cut, but now that corner of my thumb has no feeling....
 I added the "J" for Jaxton.  
 I was in love and had no desire to actually give it to them :)
 Left over scraps?  Now my boys have place mats.  
 I've seen so many hand sewn little stuffed animals, and crocheted ones.  This is what I came up with.  He also belongs to Jaxton.  
 After 18 months or my collage wall, I decided it need a change.  I hated it more and more and knew I wanted the same idea but was tired of straightening and adjusting frames...
 I've dabbled a little in the embroidery hoops.  It's so much fun!  Very vintage.  

 My new limabean wreath.  Then I spray painted it green.  It fell down and broke into pieces about 2 weeks ago :(
 By far my favorite hoop.  It turned out better than I could have pictured.  
 It went with this little collage above my sewing desk in my craft loft.
 SWIG cookies.  Which are just fancy fancy thick sugar cookies.  YUM.

 bow garland {felt, yarn, hot glue} very easy. 

 ikea prints and frames.  loved.

 Ikea milk can was $4 and the wheat was in a near by field that I helped myself to...

 Garland.  Loved this.

 Burlap mustache table runner.

 plain wood plaque is now my chalkboard sign.  I change the quotes about once a week.  

 And I was planning to take my friends new born pics.  With her camera.  But her husband accidently took the camera to work that day.  So these two were just snapped with my iphone.

 Red wall before.  
 Blue wall after wards.  I cant wait to frame the tv "hole" like the fireplace is framed.
The end.

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Brynne said...

cute stuff!!! Talented woman!

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