Hair Fun

Along with trying to be dressed more often I've been having fun playing with my hair and finding simple and easy ways to be able to do it.  Nothing too time consuming.  
For starters I NEVER blow dry my hair.  About once a month, maybe.  I cannot stand it, and refuse to do it.  So I shower at night and go to bed with wet hair.  Then in the morning I salvage what it turns out like.

Curls.  Now, because I start off with dry hair, these go fairly quick, and since dry shampoo was invented I can rock them for two days.
 Straight.  This is pretty rare, but if my hair isn't too crazy I will straighten it and wear it down, but it gets so ratty and so tangled that I usually save this for...never.
 Chevron scraps?  Two hair ties? That means a new headband for me!
 Scraps again?  Yes please.
 Low pony hair wrap.  It's simply one small piece of hair pulled aside, wrapped around the hair tie, and pinned.  It looks really nice, and it's just a pony tail.
 This one isn't acutally me, this is my friend Shana, but she comes up with fabulous easy hair styles as well.  I cannot wait to try this bad boy.

 My headband collection is becoming a little ridiculous.
 80's rock!  I love high pony's, same thing with the hair wrapped around.  That's it.  Very easy and quick.
 Side french braid.  It was falling out at this point, but it looked nice a few hours before.

 Beach waves!  I simply spray damp, almost dry, hair with beach spray (I bought at target) and scruch.  Messier the better.  And since my hair is slightly wavy this really works in my favor.
 Oh look the pony wrap strikes again....and again...
 I don't have a daughter, so my niece let me attempt "star hair" for the 4th.  
 Kevin calls this hair "Little house on the prairie :)
 Two loose french braids and a messy bun.  Best pool hair ever.
 This was actually two fish tails that I "merged" into one.  It was a first attempt as well.  
 Loose french braid head band.  And bed head.
 My most favorite head band ever.  Love this!  And a pony.

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Laura said...

Impressed! I used to love doing my hair but now its messy bun only haha (grabby lil fingers) way to go on mixing it up and looking fly with two Littles!

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