What I Wore {Spring/Summer Edition}

If you know me at all you know I like to be comfortable.  I've been trying hard this year to be dressed every day.  And it doesn't always happen, but really I have no reason to not be dressed.  I've been having fun being frugal, thrift shopping, and playing with colors, prints, etc. 

This picture was titled "All dressed up and no where to go" which sometimes is why I hate wasting the time.  And then other times I think, I feel so much better about my body and self when I throw some jeans on!
 This dress was from D.I. $4, Belt was also thrifted.
 Found this dress for $6 at Target!  Had to have it, paired it with the Yellow cardigan from Platos Closet.
 Hand me downs?  Both shirt and shorts.  Free free free.  Thanks!
 Shirt and shoes were thrifted.  Belt was from high school, skirt was veryjane.com
 Shirt was veryjane.com, skirt was $10!  Maxi skirts are just yoga pants in disguise.
 Boots were a present for my Birthday, belt-thrifted, Dress was $12 from Down East Basics (additional 30% off clearance?  yes please)
 Skirt is from highschool, necklace is veryjane.com, and shirt was kohls (which wasn't even on sale, but I decided that I had to have it).  Very rare.
 Hand me down t-shirt.  Too tight?  Shows back fat?  No problem.  Pinterest taught me to cut a strip of fabric and add it in on each side.  8 more inches?  Yes please.
 Jeans-kohls clearance.  Shirt-forever 21.  (it's dry clean only...who does that!?)
 Skinny jeans-kohls clearance, plus my kohls card made it an extra 30% off..cardigan is from Platos Closet.
 More colored skinnys?  Yep.  Kohls again.  Clearance, 30% off that.  Necklace was made by yours truly.  Sweater?  D.I.  Yep.
 Cardigan?  Target clearance, belt, thrifted.
As you can see my closet can seem to have a lot of turn over, but I've been getting steals on clothing, and it's nice to have something to wear!  Not to shift through over and over wishing something new would come along.  Do you love thrift shopping as much as I?

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