Easter 2013

We spent Easter this year in Twin Falls, Idaho with Kevin's brother and his family.  Their oldest son was receiving the preisthood.  It was nice to be in Idaho and in a small town.  It seems like Utah is so packed with little kids our kids don't get a chance to get any eggs at the hunts!  Last year was a joke.  

Train rides
 Each hunt was divided by age.  I went with Trey.
 Trey would grab an egg, show it to me and say "Teeeeez" while I kept shouting "MORE!  GET MORE!"
He didn't care about how many he got.  Until later of course.
 Trey and Cousin Rylee?
 Cody was in the older group so he went with Aunt Kitty.  He got an egg with a ticket in it and won a puzzle prize!  I was so excited for him.
 The boys wanted to get their faces painted for the first time ever.  ever.  They chose mustaches.

 Coloring eggs with Aunt Kitty.  Sadly this is their first time doing this.
 Post Church Easter egg hunt.  
 They seriously scored on candy :)

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