Mall Trip {Zoo failure}

Once again our group of Mom's were planning out a zoo trip.  I was pumped.  Packed our lunches, applied sunscreen, hats, drinks, sunglasses.  You name it.  What we didn't know is that it was spring break so by the time we got there it was PACKED.  No parking.  Nothing.  Kevin and I've done two zoo trips in the past where it is slammed and it's m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e.  So I flipped around and had to come up with a plan B as my children were screaming at me....
We never go to the mall, and when we do they beg to go on the train. 

Trey fell asleep on the way so we tried to accomodate for him.
 Cody was awake so we sent him on his $5 (7 minute) train ride. 
He loved it and was the only one on the train.  

 We sat down in the food court and ate the lunches we had packed for the zoo while Cody spent $8 in gumballs...which he can't even have....
 Soap sale?  Yes please.
 Here kids throw the last of our money in the fountain....
They forgave me and had fun.

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