Pocatello Visit {Monique's Baby Shower}

Danny's wife Monique was having her baby shower, and we decided it would be fun to head up and spend some time with them.  I love smaller get togethers.  Smaller groups.  Much more intimate.

First stop was Buddy's.  It's a little famous Italian place.
I think it's highly overpriced, but it was tastey and our kids behaved well enough.  
 On our drive up to pick up Kevin (he works north of salt lake, so we always pick him up from work on the way) Cody suddenly had to use the potty.  I couldn't help but notice we were super close to my favorite cupcake shop.  That's where I decided to pull over...
 These boys....
 Fishing with Uncle Danny.  He's patient with them and always make sure they both get to reel in a fish before we leave.

Dear Idaho, we still miss you.

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