School Year 2013

Cody's on his second year of speech therapy but his classes are for articulation.  He's come so far, its hard to believe he ever struggled so much.  When he was first tested August 2012 he scored 30% and that was only because I was there.  The lady said had I not been there to help he would have scored a 0%, meaning she couldn't understand him at all.

Last year all of his classes were with a group, but this year it's twice and week, one on one.  It's been amazing.  His main problem is his "L's" and "S's".  Which are even coming along in the short time he's been.  

 We've also been cracking down on the preschool business.  Not really me I take him to preschool, but we do work at home as well. 

 He also gets to go to preschool with our neighbor friend Noah, and carpool.  It's nice knowing he has a friend to be with.

He's the oldest in his class, but still seems to struggle with some numbers and letters.  Luckily we've got a while until kindergarten starts and more time to keep cracking down.  Not that I'm sayin he's not a smart kid, he can do anything, but when it comes to the books it's not his favorite.  Just like his Mom.

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