Fight Fight BSU!

Today was the ISU vs BSU game. It was a total blow out! And about 1,000 degrees for the first half of the game :(, but then cooled off very nicely. The baby also seemed to enjoy his football, good for him!

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Liz and Grant said...

I found your blog. It looks like you guys are doing great, you are probably the cutest prego I've ever seen. we have a blog now too, but grant doesn't want me to put the address out there for the whole wide world. He's worried about blog stalkers like myself. However, I don't care, so you can hunt us down or just try a combo of our names. ya know, lizandgrant, grantandliz, it's like a treasure hunt. Hopefully we'll talk soon- phone, blog , something. Miss ya lots, Liz

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