One BIG softy

I did take Cody to the doctor yesterday, and myself actually. We both have sinus infections, both got some antibiotics, and both didn't get enough sleep. When Cody cries in the night, I'm seriously not the "soft Mom" at all. Kevin will say "Do you think we should..?" and he never finishes his sentence because I interrupt with a big pillow muffled "NO! he's fine, crying won't kill him".
When he's sick.......my heart melts quicker than butter.
Also mind you, we are trying to 86 the binky. He does really really well without it, and if he wakes and cries, he WILL fall back asleep without it. 2 nights in a row I ended up giving it to him because his fever was over 103, and I didn't want his crying to make him anymore hot.
Regardless he went to sleep last night no problem, I took a shower, (IT'S ABOUT TIME!-hey don't you judge til you've had a kid and are at home, you understand me?) He woke about 4:30. I went in the picked him up (the dr said he's supposed to sleep sitting up, I gave him a pillow, that's good enough right? probably not) so I layed on the couch sitting up and put him on my chest, he totally lays still forever til I think he's asleep then pulls a fast one on me. I knew in a little bit he would relax and go back to sleep.
Well.....then Kevin walked by getting ready to go to work (around 5:20 am) and Cody perked right up, reached out with both arms, and claimed "UH!" like "Hold me!" so Kevin did, needless to say, we were up til around 7:00.
I kindly laid him in his crib and told him that if he wanted to be awake that was fine, but he would have to do it in his crib cause Mommy needed more sleep...of coarse he cried but I was beyond nice at that point.
It's now 9:20 and the kid is still out.

I made this yesterday! Want to make one? Here is the link.
I thought it was interesting how much my whole wheat noodles look like cooked rubber bands.
And this is for you COURTNEY! This is why I don't go to sleep with wet hair... this pic doesn't do it justice, it was HUGE! Kevin said "I noticed your hair as kinda big in back this morning...almost like it could scrape the ceiling".


mrsmonje said...

Im sorry totally spaced sending you an email about the hats...I SUCK AT LIFE!!!! Ill do it like ASAP, as soon as I get home from running errands..promise :)

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! AWESOME! I love it. Yeah, I get what you're saying now.

When you're like me, though, and have about 1/4 the amount of hair that YOU have...I get to just wake up, spray a little water, and voila! I'm sure people can still tell, but that's alright. Watch out--this is how you may get when you're 38 too! :)

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