Today I'm...

  • going to go put on deoderant, not shower.....don't JUDE me!
  • run to walgreens and get something stronger than tylenol. Worthless!
  • Might take Cody to the doctors, depending on how he feels.
  • go down the gosh awful stairs, and back up, and down, up, down up!
  • snack on some candy....that's nothing new
  • check the mail
  • catch up on some re runs on tv
  • blog and hope that you love it
What are your plans today? No really, tell me. I'd love to know.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I am going to stay in my sweats. No surprise their. I printed some coupons out. Pick up my house. My think about blogging since it's been a while. Bath my kids and dress them. Watch the Biggest Loser while eating candy. Maybe go to Walmart to get tubs to put all the small clothes that I have gone through for my kids away. Who knows what else maybe call you and talk for a while.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hope your headache goes away soon. I'm in class right now and then I'm going to work @ St. Lukes... LONG freaking day :)

Ader Family said...

Uh... I slept more than is needful - no surprise.
I will be doing homework for another hour or so. Then showering and going to the fair to gorge myself with lots of greasy, fatty food. Then perhaps spend some time with a sick friend tonite.
And consider, yet again, of moving to Utah... I miss you!

mrsmonje said...

Hope you feel better! My only goal today is to make it to the post office to send off Eric's boxes...I know I can do it lol

Suzi Q said...

HAHAHAHA, I have the packages for the prize winners taped up, addressed, in my car, now Does anyone know if the post office takes checks?

Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

Yes, post office does take checks (mine did!)
My day...what I planned or how it is actually going?hehe. Sent Emily off to school stylin' in shorts and boots; watched my friend's son so she and hubby go to the temple; emailed; filled out paper work stuff for Emily;made calls for my book party(wanna come?!); quick lunch; picked up kids from school(we carpool), my kids are now napping; I will go nap too. Then go shopping to do crafts for Super Saturday display; dinner;kids in bath;sing;bed;call Cory; read; and sleep!!!

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