Halloween calls for....

Carving pumpkins with friends!

Kyle and Kourtney enjoying some pre-carving dinner...baked potatoes....
We didn't go to a sheek pumpkin patch like everyone else.... no my friends
we went to WINCO and got ours for 6 cents a lb!
Grumpy kid.....it was bed time.
I found one of ours.
The adoption process. The happy parents.
I win!
Is this mood lighting? HELL no, the freaking power went out! Yeah....seriously.
So we played apples to apples til it came back on....45 minutes later.
Kyle smoked us!
but turned out to be a nancy when it comes to gutting a pumpkin.
Meanwhile, Kevin and I made pumpkin doughnuts!
Just enjoy the view.
Kourtney and Kyle's pumpkin....she's not afraid to get her hands dirrrrrrty...
Making the cream cheese frosting for the "doughnuts"
Okay they were more like doughnut holes, but still.......DIVINE.
A proud PaPa! They went with a poka dot design...if you ask me it looked like swiss cheese :)


KPost said...

We had so much fun with you guys last night!! Let's do it again!
That's what she said.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Heck if a store around here had pumpkins for only 6 cents a lb I would go there instead of the pumpkin patch. I have never made pumpkin doughnuts sounds kinda good.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun!! Looks like you are making some great friends down in Utah!! That's awesome!! Shawn and I need to learn how to do that :)

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