Book Party

My SIL Kaylynn sells kids books and I decided to host a party for her. Since I don't know all too many Mom's here in Utah, I invited some girls and we enjoyed 2 of the best things ever...

Apples to Apples...my favorite game.

Apples to Apples Pictures, Images and Photos
DEATH by chocolate cake with butterscotch chips.....MEOW.
Courtney this bite was for you..wishin you could have been there.

Liz, Kasey, Me, Kourtney, and Brittany.
I had a prize for the winner and it was KOURTNEY!
She won the gorgeous earrings...Looking hot hot hot!
If you are interested in ordering a book we did host an ONLINE party instead...click here.
And also if you were thinking "Aw, I wish I could have come" I wish you could have too.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun! I am SOOOOO sad that I couldn't come down to UT for the party! And by the way, that cake looks absolutely delish!! Yum!! Can you mail me a piece??? Ü

Courtney said...

Yeah--me too. Sad about not being able to make the par-tay! But thanks for the invite. That postcard put a smile on my face. I still miss you up here.

And that CAKE!!! I seriously stocked up on choc cake mixes just so I could make THE cake. So how was it with the butterscotch chips? Would you recommend or no? I worry about messing with something so perfect.

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