This guy was fun for Easter. Last year he was too young to know or care, but this year he knew that one thing was involved. CANDY!

Not only that but we spent Easter at Kevin's brother and sister in law's house. And they had a cat. Cody could have died happy here.

There are no words.
Cody had a few. His Dad left him inside while he went to go hide eggs. How dare he.
Each egg he wanted to stop and open eat the candy...then go find another. I had to help him get going. I wore this outfit for almost 3 days. Don't judge.

All in all it was fun..Cody didn't eat real food for about 2 days...just candy, but so did I.

Until next year


Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Love it! Addi seemed to get a higher than usual amount of sugar this weekend too...isn't that how it's supposed to go? :)
OH, and are you sure you are pregnant? You look like you haven't gained a single ounce. You look great!

Steph and Dave said...

cody is growing up:( so fast. he looks so handsome. Love the picture of my Bros. Looks like i missed out on fun!!!

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