I really should consider myself lucky

I wouldn't say I wear this much makeup, but I doubt my skin knows the difference.
I never really have had "acne" luckily. I get zits a lot but never more the 2-3 at the same time

Instead of washing my face before I go to bed, I end up looking like a meth "picker" taking care of various black/white heads or clogged pores.

I wash my face before bed sometimes, but it's like flossing...it comes and goes usually when I remember...or care.

Now I am worried that it will give me wrinkles.


Mamma Corleone said...

Tammy Faye, fantastic. I think we should all wear that much make-up. I once heard her say that her husband (the first one) had never seen her without makeup. How is that possible...I mean, that's A LOT of makeup!

And meth picker is a perfect description of me with acne. Ridiculous.

As for washing your face. I have not gone to bed with makeup on for, and this is not joke, 11 years that I am certain of. I cannot, cannot, cannot stand to sleep with makeup on and will lick it off like cat before I attempt it. Well, maybe not, but you get it. Right? RIGHT!!?

Norm and Jan said...

Tammy-Faye....there used to be a T-shirt for sale that had huge color smudges on it --it said "I ran into Tammy-Faye at the mall"!

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