Ode to Kasey

This is Kasey.
Everyone say "Hi Kasey!".
She is truly a wonder. She was literally one of the first people we met in Utah seeing as how she is the assistant manager at our old apartment complex. Every since we've met all she has done is bend over backwards to help me with anything. It's insane how selfless she is. And a great example to look up to. She threw my baby shower, bought son brand new crib bedding and the works (and everything under the sun for Cody), and just recently snapped some maternity pictures for myself.
Here they are. She told me I couldn't smile in all of them.....so many of them I am "smizing" (if you don't know what that is, then start watching america's next top model)

Pardon the few shirt up ones, if you are offended, I love them.

Not in labor here, just laughing my butt off. Half the pics look this way because I couldn't take anything seriously.


Norm and Jan said...

AMAZING shots Suz..............love them all.

mrsmonje said...

I freaking love all of them and you have one of the best baby bellies i have ever seen! i love it

Kasey said...

What a sweet post. Thank you suzi-q! I'm so glad you like the shoot. I love you (and Cody and Kevin) so much! I hope you know that I'm always here for you if you need anything at all!

Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...


Mamma Corleone said...

Not fair!!!! I know that as a woman, it is my job to tell pregnant people they look adorable. But honestly Suzie, these are amazing. You look fantastic. And how the h**l do you still have such a great looking stomach? Ridiculous.

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