Hump Day

I got dressed today.
Clean hair.
Make up.
It had to be documented.
So there you go.
Note to self: You have a five head, please consider bangs again.
No don't!
It's been a whole year of growing them out.
But they look good.
Or do they?

I am in the spirit of Valentines Day this year.
Normally I couldn't care less.
Which is sad really.
I don't want flowers.
Just candy and heart shaped food.
I spend all my days with these two monsters..
They treat me pretty good though..
And they are cute enough :)
I found this pillow at IKEA for 1.99
She came home with me.
Then was put into witness protection.
I changed her identity...
Now she is sheek and adorable...
Not just black.
My pillow obsession is starting....look out world....
Why am I hungry?
I just ate 3 taco's and a reese's cup.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love everything about this post. such adorable pictures!

Vanessa Goertzen said...

You crack me up. And you look good! What is your secret? I know it can't be the tacos.

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