Letters to Random

Dear Cody,
You make a great photographer.
Seriously, when I am in a pinch, you always step in.
Even when they pictures are way...off... I appreciate it!
 Dear Trey,
Thank you for being a tough big boy and jumping with Cody.
He tackles you down at the end of "ring around the rosies" and you just laugh.
It makes me forgive you two for stealing chips and decorating the trampoline with them...
 Dear Tomato Plant,
You are enormous.  But if it's not any trouble, could you actually produce some fruit?
It's just a thought, I mean, it's kinda why we planted you in the first place.
Get back to me on that...
 Dear Sage,
I get a lump in my throat typing this.  You are an amazing dog, but I've decided that you need to go back to living with Cameron.  You are amazingly funny and sweet, but your poop in my yard, and hair, and and and. It's just too much at this time in our lives.  There will be a season for you, and I will hunt you down and get you back.  It's been an fun 3 months. We love you!  Don't forget us!


1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ooooh i'm sorry! it is so hard to give up pets! good for you for knowing your limits, tho! i couldn't do it! seriously!! i don't know if we will ever be able to have a dog again. i can NOT handle the hair everywhere. blehhhh!!!
p.s. cute skirt :-)

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