Mood Management

{Picture below has nothing to do with post, I just like it.}
Managing my moods is quite a task.  I find it ridiculous how often I feel annoyed or irritated.  I get so angry, that I get angry!  It's a vicious cycle!  When I said this to my doctor, she laughed out loud at me.  Then apologized.  I laughed too.  
If I were watching me, I would think, man she's needs to just relax!  And when I really relax, I just fall asleep :)
I was cruising on pinterest whilst the child was napping and saw this....
I thought, hey! That totally sounds like me!  When my husband chews his jaw pops and I often want to strangle him for it.  How sad is that?  He's just eating!  Or when he tosses a ball in his lap during a football game.....or clicks a pen over and over.  I just want to lose it.  But often I just say "BABE, please...." and he knows.  
So I googled.  MISOPHONIA.  Clicked on THIS LINK, and was blown away.

"literally, the hatred of sound"
I hate noise.  I really do.  I am very sensitive to it.

This is literally what my brain feels like when there is too much sound or chaos.
It's like I can barely think straight.
So I text messaged my brother, who is the same way.
And so is my Dad.
and my Mom...
This is starting to make sense!

I'm not just crazy.

Just a random thought.  

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